Hurt at Work: Florida Workers’ Compensation is No Place for Revenge

We speak to many potential clients who tell us they want to make their employer, or workers’ compensation carrier, pay. They want to “get them” for how they have been treated, for what has happened to them and for how the insurance company’s actions, or lack thereof, have damaged them. They want to take it all the way and let the Judge hear what has been done to them or their family.

Basically, they want revenge.

However, you will never get that apology, that admission of wrongdoing or of guilt that you are looking for. And though those simple words “I’m sorry” are easy for any employer or adjuster to say, they are also the least heard by injured workers. And there is no mechanism under the law to allow a Judge to force someone to apologize; and a forced apology really is no apology at all. The Judges hands are bound by the law, and as bad as the situation may be, there will be no revenge.

So what does that leave? It leaves medical benefits, lost wage benefits, permanent impairment benefits, medications, transportation, translation, aid and attendant care, mileage reimbursement, vocational retraining, lump sum settlements and more. There are many benefits that you can obtain under the law which can help improve your financial and physical condition. However, to make these benefits matter, the goal must be to focus on what you can do to make your situation better and not on what can be done to make the insurance company’s worse.

The dedicated attorneys at the Law Offices of Franks & Koenig have more than 50 years combined experience handling not only workers’ compensation claims but speaking with injured workers and their families. We understand the position a work place injury has put you; the mounting debt, the financial and medical uncertainly and the fear of the unknown. You are not alone when you hire one of the attorneys here at the Law Offices of Franks & Koenig. We are available when you need us and can help guide you through the complicated and frustrating workers’ compensation system. Let us help you obtain the benefits available to you under the law and help avoid the pitfalls of the “dark side” that can lead you astray.

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