I Was Hurt at Work and My Employer Asked Me Not to File a Work Comp Claim. What Should I Do?

This is a tough one.There really is no simple answer. Actually, it leaves us with even more questions: Why doesn’t your employer want you to file the claim? Does your employer have workers’ compensation insurance? Is there a legal or financial matter that they are trying avoid or hide from? What would the employer do if you did file a work comp claim?

At the end of the day, the most important factor is your health. If you do not report your claim, what will happen to you? Who will protect you when you need protecting the most? The employer? While there are many above-the-board, caring and well-intentioned employers out there, we have met and dealt with many more unscrupulous, underhanded and disingenuous employers.

The most important question you have to ask yourself when faced with this situation is: Who is not reporting the injury helping the most; you or your employer? In almost every situation it will be the employer who is helped the most. They will do what they can to string you along and hope that you get better so that they don’t have to pay. Don’t be surprised if your employer pays your salary and medical bills for a short period of time. For them, a small investment now may pay off in avoiding increased payments to thi insurance company down the road.

However, when care that cost in the hundreds of dollars (office visits, medications, x-rays) turns into tens of thousands of dollars or more (major diagnostic studies like MRI’s, EMGs, EKG’s, surgery and hospitalizations) your employer’s generosity may quickly vanish.

You thought it was hard to get the $40.00 gas reimbursement? Just wait and try to get the employer to pay a $200,000.00 hospital bill.

Ultimately you have to do what is right for you and your family. But not reporting a work place injury to your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier may end up costing you more than you know. Don’t mess around with you health and your ability to earn an income in the future due to your employer’s desire to avoid an increase in their insurance premiums.

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