What to Do When Work Comp Denies Your Case

Do not delay when your workplace accident has been denied by the work comp insurance company; call an experienced Palm Beach County Florida workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Workers’ Compensation insurance companies make money by not spending money on doctors and injured workers’ lost wages. They are incentivized to deny cases in the hope that an injured worker will walk away without calling a work injury lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Often the insurance companies will claim the cause of the need for treatment is a prior injury, a preexisting condition or plain old arthritis. They do this despite the fact that the injured worker was fine just seconds before the accident and never had any problems or required medical attention or care to the injured body part prior to the industrial accident.

Unfortunately, we see this wrongful behavior day in and day out. Many adjusters will simply deny claims because it is cheaper to do so than to do what is right. Work injury compensation lawyers are used to hearing insurance adjusters come up with every reason under the sun why they don’t want to pay for medical care, medication, surgery or lost wages.

If you do not pursue your medical care and lost wage benefits the insurance company will certainly not just roll over and do what they are supposed to do. Let our Palm Beach County, Florida workers’ compensation lawyers help you fight for your rights and obtain the care and lost wages you deserve.

If you have been told you have an idiopathic condition, do not be surprised. This is a favorite term that the workers’ compensation doctors use and upon which adjusters love to base their denials.

An idiopathic condition is a condition or trait that is unique or personal to the injured worker, is not related to the employment, and exposes the injured worker to risk from injury. This can include arthritic knees, shoulders, elbows and backs. Most people over the age of 30 have some form of arthritis. We have seen that many types of employment have an increased percentage injury due to aggravation of a preexisting arthritic condition including, but not limited to manual laborers, heavy equipment operators, dental technicians, teachers and many more.

A Palm Beach County work injury lawyer is prepared to fight the insurance company and obtain the medical care and lost wages that are owed to injured workers who suffered an injury, even when a body part may have had a preexisting or idiopathic component.

Sometimes the workers’ compensation insurance companies will deny cases based on the existence of a prior accident or injury. – In certain circumstances they may be entitled to do so under the law. But these situations are very specific and many times an adjuster will quickly, and without proper investigation, wrongfully deny a case based on what they believe to be a valid preexisting event, only to be proven wrong once an experienced work injury compensation lawyer gets involved.

If you have been hurt at work and feel your case is being wrongfully denied, do not hesitate to call Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt and speak to one of our workers’ compensation lawyers in Palm Beach County, Florida.