When Workers’ Compensation Returns you to Work

The law in Florida allows the workers’ compensation doctors to send injured workers back to work during the course of their recovery. If the employer cannot accommodate those restrictions the injured worker may be entitled to recover lost wage or indemnity benefits. But what happens when an injured worker is sent back to work and their employer says that they can accommodate the worker’s restrictions and then fails to do so?

We have see this happen over and over to many injured Florida workers. The injured worker returns to work accepting a light duty job that will allow them to contribute to their workplace yet keep them from reinjuring or aggravating their injury only to find their boss, supervisor or managers are forcing them back into their pre-injury job duties.

Many workers are concerned that if they refuse to perform work activities outside their restrictions they will be blacklisted, demoted, written up or fired. Maybe this has happened to you. If it has, and you continue to receive pressure, or are outright ordered, to work above and beyond your workers’ compensation doctor’s work restrictions, you may be subjecting yourself to further injury and longer recovery time.

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