When Your Work Comp Doctor Tells You it is Preexisting

Today, a 28 year-old local county employee was told that her workers’ compensation case was being denied due to her preexisting injuries. She advised us that she has never been in a prior workplace accident, a prior motor vehicle accident or previously been injured.In Florida, a preexisting injury defense is one way insurance companies try to prevent you from receiving medical care and lost wages. We regularly receive calls from angry and upset Floridians who, after being hurt at work, are sent to their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company’s doctor. After waiting in the doctor’s office, sometimes for up to several hours, they are told that the cause of their pain is from a preexisting injury. When they ask for an explanation, they are told that an MRI or x-ray shows arthritis or wear and tear and that it is a preexisting condition and the reason they have pain.

If you feel as though your workers’ compensation doctor is not on your side then you are not alone. The majority of workers’ compensation insurance companies select doctors who will give them the diagnoses they want to hear: Not work related, return to work full duty with no restrictions and no need for further care. Let us help you fight these doctors and their preexisting opinions and help you recover the medical and lost wage benefits to which you are entitled under the law.

When your claim has been denied for alleged preexisting conditions, your choices are very limited. The law only provides you with a few limited options to ensure that your ability to receive treatment is protected and that you are not denied care. The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at the Law Offices of Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt have dealt with these situations and understand that the way to fight these doctors is to attack their opinions, gather evidence to show these alleged preexisting injures are invalid and obtain objective and unbiased medical opinions to take to trial on your behalf.

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