My Adjuster Won’t Pay Me My Work Comp Checks

Unfortunately, we hear this statement from our clients on a regular basis. Though not universal, at least once in most cases, if not more, an injured worker fails to receive their Florida workers’ compensation check.

To the insurance company, you are just a name on a ledger, you are just one more thing for them to do. But to you, the injured worker, this check is your lifeline and without it you are facing mounting debt, collections, foreclosure and possibly worse.

To the injured worker, who was making substantially more prior to their injury, suffering a workplace accident results in a loss of income that is at least a third of their paycheck if not more. To have to rely on the reduced income from work comp can lead to stress, anxiety, depression and fighting in the family. That is more than any family should have to deal with. When the insurance company’s adjuster sends the checks late, or in the wrong amount or fails to send the check at all they are simply adding fuel to the fire.

To our clients, the reality of their situation is that without legal assistance, they are ignored and forgotten. Hiring an experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney is the only way to ensure regular and timely payments of indemnity checks. Many insurance adjusters take the position that if a check arrives close to when it should have been received, that is good enough. Try telling that to the bank when your rent, mortgage or bills are due.

If you have experienced problems with your workers’ compensation adjuster sending you timely payments, call one of our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys today. We have more than 50 years combined experience obtaining benefits from the workers’ compensation insurance companies. Let us help you too.

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